In INDUTECMA we have more than seven years of experience offering our customers products and equipment of high quality in Technology.

We are a wholesaler of information and communication technologies committed to the growth and development of our associates. We seek to solve business needs through increased productivity, the quality of products and equipment, cost management and the development of our customers and their companies.

Apple - Cisco - Dell - Hp - Panasonic

Our Products

Access point

Extend your Network and communicate your offices with Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and Large Capacity links according to your needs.

Computer equipment

We have advice and sale of computer equipment of various brands such as Apple, HP, Dell, etc. As well as computer accessories, hard drives, printers and more.


The best CCTV equipment is the right solution to protect your business, offices or companies.

Access control

INDUTECMA offers you a complete portfolio for the intelligent management of your Accesses according to your needs. We offer solutions for a complete administration of your access, we advise you to obtain a system that covers all your needs. We provide the guaranteed Technical Support to your Access Control System.

Structured cabling

We are a Wholesaler, Distributor and Structured Cabling Provider, Network Cables, Optical Fiber, Switches, Ducts and Protections for Structured Cabling.

Switches y Firewall

We offer you a broad portfolio of products and services associated with the data network. Switches, wifi, vpn and firewall for networks in offices, growing companies or where a more sophisticated design is required. Our solutions are optimized for all sectors, including the education sector, the health sector, and the public sector.


We have the Solution in Technology for your Company.

  • The best brands.
  • The best prices.
  • National and International Shipping.
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