In INDUTECMA we have more than seven years of experience offering our customers high quality products and equipment for industrial.

We are your strategic partners in Europe, the United States and Asia in the location and supply of parts and automation equipment, such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), Encoders, Drives, HMIs, Numerical Control, Temperature Controllers, industrial cables, Servo-motors.

ABB - Omron - Turck - Allen bradley - Bosch

Our products


An Encoder or Rotary Encoder is a device that is used as a type of sensor that generates digital signals in response to movement. In Indutecma we offer all types of Encoders, incremental, absolute, quadrature, single-turn and multi-turn.

PLC & Softwares

We have the best equipment and rare or special spare parts in PLC. Offering effective solutions, fast and at the best prices for your company.

Servo Motors

We have the sale of equipment and spare parts in servomotors, with different characteristics of torque and turning angle, excellent for all your robotics and mechatronics projects, with the best brands in the market.

HMIS & Displays

We have the widest range of Workstations, Integrated Panel-type Computers, Resistant Monitors or Terminals for PLCs. We even have NEMA 4X hermetic computers on all 6 sides and explosion-proof equipment. With options of power supplies, touchscreen and various expansion capabilities, our products are the answer to those critical computing needs.

Industrial Drive

INDUTECMA has a wide range of frequency inverters from the best brands in the market, which allows us to cover any need that you have either by application or by price.


We offer our clients the sale of a wide range of equipment and accessories that allow improving the productivity of their machinery and business.


We have the Automation Solution for your Company.

  • The best brands.
  • The best prices.
  • National and International Shipping
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