We are a 100% Mexican company dedicated to satisfy quickly and efficiently our customers, making available high-end brands in order to meet and exceed expectations.

We have formed alliances with international manufacturers in order to offer you the products that your company requires and we work with a service model always looking for effective solutions, fast and at the best market price.


Our Mission

Satisfy our services quickly and efficiently by making available high-end brands in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Vision

Being a leader in solutions and meeting the needs of our customers with products and services of excellent quality, based on professional, personalized and effective attention.

Our Products and Services: IndustryTechnologySecurity


Regardless of what industry you belong to, we provide you with the best industrial products from our catalog with the best brands.


We have a wide range of products, which allows us to offer our customers turnkey solutions, which avoids the need to have several companies in a single project, obtaining the expected results for your organization.


We are convinced that we can satisfy all your demands for security products; Helmets, lenses, harnesses, industrial gloves, antistatic protection and more.

Indutecma is the Best Commercial Company [/ rt_highlight] with which we have worked, highly recommended for companies of all sizes.

We have Indutecma services since 2006. We are very happy with the treatment, the way of working and the speed with which they have responded whenever there has been a problem.

Maria Bernal – Coliplex.


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+52 81 2182 6198

Calle 19 número 613, colonia Residencial Las Puentes, San Nicolás de los Garza, N.L. México, Cp 66460


We work with the best!

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